Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer (APD01) - Exam Preparation

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Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer (APD01)

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110+ most up-to-date and unique questionnaires verified by our extensive years of experienced and certified experts to prepare well for exam. The questions in PDF file helping students/professionals to not only prepare well for the exam but also helping them to PASS the exam outstandingly on the first attempt with flying colors.

Don't hesitate!!! Buy the PDF with full of confidence as we always update the PDF with current level exam questions so that you can fully prepared for the actual exam.

Blue Prism appreciates the importance of having a high-quality certification program to maintain the standards required for successful enterprise RPA delivery.

The certified Professional Developer (APD01) exam represents the highest level of certification for a Blue Prism developer. The Exam Details

  • 50 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a pool.
  • All questions of equal weight.
  • 60 minute exam*
  • Pass mark 70%